National Park units (N-USA-003)

Quick glance

→ 422 objectives, scattered across all 50 states, DC, and four US territories.
→ Quest code: N-USA-003

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Quest Objectives

What qualifies (“the rules”)

To be included in this quest, objectives must be officially designated units of the National Parks System, as defined by the National Park Service.

Map of Objectives

List of Objectives

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Objectives last verified:

There are a number of sub-quests you can pursue if you’re interested in the larger quest.

  • Complete “named” national parks
  • Complete units in an individual NPS region
  • Complete units in a single state
  • Complete units in Contiguous US
  • Complete one unit in each state
  • Expand the quest to include all Treasured Places
  • Former national park units
  • National Scenic Trails & National Historic Trails of the NPS
  • Affiliated Areas of the NPS
  • There are a number of other ideas here

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Keep in mind

  • Some national park units, especially those outside the Contiguous US, have limited transportation options
  • Not all park units are open year-round
  • There are annual and lifetime passes available
  • Some objectives are often called “National Parks and Preserve” even when they are technically separate objectives

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