Questing is working towards a travel goal of visiting a particular set of places, usually one that involves “visiting all the __.”

That blank line can be just about anything—whether that’s going to all the National Parks, or the MLB ballparks, or getting to 100 Countries, or even just stopping by every craft brewery in your city. Or something else entirely.

Quests are a great way to inspire more travel and adventure in your life. I love them because they often force me to go to places I wouldn’t have otherwise experienced, and they help structure and narrow my trip planning, too.

→ Here’s a mini-guide to Questing that describes it all in more detail.

A list of Quests

There are countless quests you can construct or adopt, so expect this section of the site to grow pretty deep over time. Our general goal is to offer several the basics you need to get started with any of these quests, or to learn how to build your own.

National Parks

Sports Venues

Presidential Sites


50 States/In Each State

Arizona Craft Breweries

Arizona State Parks