The Go Questing Podcast

In this short form podcast series, GoQuesting founder R Scott Jones shares his insights on quests—a specific kind of travel goal that helps inspire more adventure in your life.

Questing is working towards a travel goal of visiting a particular set of places, often one that involves “visiting all the ____________.”

That blank line can be just about anything—whether that’s going to all the National Parks, or the MLB ballparks, visiting 100 Countries, or even just stopping by every craft brewery in your city. Or something else entirely. Only you get to decide what your own quest is.

Pursuing a quest is one of the best ways to inspire more travel and adventure in your life. Unlike traditional bucket lists or life lists, quests encourage you to go to places you otherwise wouldn’t, creating new and meaningful experiences you would normally miss out on.

Quests also provide some helpful structure to trip planning, making it much easier to decide where to go and what to do while you’re there. And because they’re a concrete but achievable goal, they help keep you motivated to reach your goal.

Each episode is a short, concise mini lesson on one specific aspect of questing. This bite-sized approach makes it easy to understand each topic and to apply it to your own questing journey. While each episode is intentionally succinct, taken together, this podcast functions as an ongoing master class on questing.

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