The Questing App

The Questing App is a must-have app for people with travel quests!

Developed by questers for questers

This soon-to-be-released mobile app allows you to track your current quest progress across all of your quests–right from your phone. Better yet, you can interact with others who share your same quest, including high-fiving and commenting on their accomplishments.

Short video demo


  • Works on both iOS and Android devices
  • Adopt quests from our listings
  • Always know your current quest progress
  • Track quest visits you’ve previously made
  • “Verify” your visits with location verification during check-in
  • Show completion status of each objective in the quest, both in list and map form
  • Comment and add photos to your check-ins
  • Earn completion badges for finishing each quest
  • Earn milestone badges during your progress
  • Filter objectives in each quest by:
    • All objectives
    • Unfinished objectives
    • Unverified objectives
    • Completed objectives
  • Sort objectives in each quest by:
    • name
    • distance from you
    • completion status
  • Follow other questers’ check-ins
  • High-five and comment on the check-ins of others
  • Receive native notifications
  • Be alerted to changes to the quest (for instance, a new objective is added or removed)
  • See app activity feeds related to:
    • your connections
    • public check-ins within your quest
    • quest check-ins nearby your current location

And more that we’re constantly adding!

Projected release date

We’re a small group of friends who love quests and are bootstrapping this project, so development takes some time. We’re currently shooting for early 2022 for an official release. If you’re interested in beta testing the app with us, please send us a message.